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I really gained a great deal of tech insight on SQL Builder, syntax, as well as the intent of demonstrating how to increase speed in proper query builds, and how to leverage the query builder in measuring that performance. I told my manager that I gained a great deal of knowledge in this course. Thank you again.

SQL Optimization Class, Spring 2016

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ROI goes above and beyond to satisfy our training needs. The material delivered to our employees is always customized to our products/services and the instructors have always far exceeded the expectations of the students. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for customized training.

Training Manager, Winter 2015

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Thank you for introducing me to GCP. Before these classes, I really didn’t appreciate the power of cloud, but now I do. It has kind of rekindled the kid spirit in me and I am playing with everything I can. In the past few days I set up an SFTP server, multiple websites (with authentication), email server, used click-to-deploy apps and now planning to deploy an ESK stack.  I’ve already finished most of the assignments…. guess the excitement was too much to handle… so thanks again.

Google Cloud Platform ROI Training Student, February 2016

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I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your brain with us. It’s obvious you have a deep well of knowledge and experience in more than just the training topics. Anyone can read slides, but you were able to take it much further. It was certainly time well spent.

ROI Training Student, January 2016

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