Course 782:
OpenStack Fundamentals

(5 days)


Course Description

Cloud computing is a major feature of the current IT landscape. Historically introduced to the world via proprietary cloud implementations such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, there is now significant interest in making the machinery of cloud computing universally available. This interest is being fueled by the availability of open source cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) frameworks such as OpenStack. Adopters of OpenStack find themselves dealing with issues common to all cutting edge technology: its novelty, complexity, and volatility present a certain amount of risk.

This course helps ease the adoption of OpenStack in the organization by guiding the attendees through its main features. The major OpenStack services including Keystone, Glance, Nova, and Neutron will be investigated including their use cases, architecture, and how they interoperate with each other. Networking is a major element in cloud computing. OpenStack supports a variety of networking technologies, including flat and GRE networking, which are explained in the course. Attendees will leave with a strong understanding of tenants, users, roles, and other domain-specific concepts. Participants will also learn and practice the steps for installing one service. Hands-on exercises are used to ensure a strong understanding of how to build and manage a Neutron virtual network. The Cielometer service which is used to measure the effectiveness of an OpenStack deployment will also be studied.

This course is aimed at the individual who must administer and extend the OpenStack framework. It will also be of interest to architects who want a detailed understanding of how OpenStack works and developers who are wanting a detailed overview before diving into the code.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the use cases and actors of OpenStack
  • Be able to explain the service/plugin orientation of the OpenStack Architecture
  • Know how to use the CLI commands of the OpenStack services to manage the service
  • Understand tenant, users, and roles
  • Understand the parts and method of service installation
  • Have practiced installing a service
  • Know how to set up and work with flat and gre networking
  • Be introduced to LBaaS, FWaaS, and VLANs

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to administer or build an OpenStack framework for managing an IaaS.

Course Outline

Introduction and Administration

  • What Is OpenStack?
    • Where in the Cloud?
    • OpenStack Actors
    • Use Cases for OpenSack
    • OpenStack Development Organization
    • Demonstration: Documentation and Other Aides
  • OpenStack Architecture
    • Service Orientation
    • Plugin Nature of Services
    • Communication between Services
  • Class OpenStack
    • Base OpenStack Cloud
    • Final OpenStack Cloud
    • What Is Ravello and Do We Use It?
    • Exercise: Interacting with Ravello
  • Working with Keystone
    • Functions of Keystone
    • Keystone Security Structure
    • CLI Command Structure
    • Exercise: CLI Commands of Keystone
    • Exercise: GUI Commands of Keystone (Using the Dashboard)
  • Working with Glance
    • Functions of Glance
    • Where to Find Images
    • Demonstration: Working with Cloud Init and Metadata
    • Exercise: Uploading an Image
  • Working with Nova
    • Functions of Nova
    • Tenant, User, Roles, and Nova
    • The Commands of Nova
    • Quotas and Management
    • Use Case Examples
    • Exercise: Creating a New Image
    • Exercise: Testing the Images
  • Working with Neutron
    • The Neutron Plugin Networking Architecture
    • The Networking Architecture Types
    • A Detailed walk thru Classroom Network
    • Exercise: Creating a Net Tenant Network
    • Exercise: Testing the Tenant and Provider Networks
    • Class Exercise: Debugging the Network

Building an OpenStack Cloud

  • Review of OpenStack Architecture
    • Parts of a Service
    • Overview of Setting up a New Service
    • Demonstration: Install a New Service
  • Installing Cinder
    • Functions of Cinder
    • Overview of Cinder Installation
    • Exercise: Installing Cinder
    • Exercise: Working with Cinder
  • Debugging an OpenStack Cloud
    • Setting Up for Debugging
    • How to Work with the Log Files
    • Class Exercise: Examples Problems

Advanced Services

  • Working with Swift
    • What Is BLOB Storage?
    • Use Cases for Swift
    • Swift Architecture
    • Exercise: Working with Swift
  • Advanced Networking
    • Overview: Load Balancing
    • Overview: Firewall
    • Overview: VLAN

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