Course 787:
DevOps: Digital Transformation for the Cloud and Beyond

(3 days)


Course Description

DevOps requires a cultural change that rethinks how traditional organizations are structured. It relies on adaptive, Agile management processes, allowing organizations to be lean and efficient. DevOps is rooted in modern, programming best-practices. It is part test-driven development, part source control, and part build automation. It’s about clouds and containers and continuous integration.

Ultimately, DevOps is about transforming your organization. This course teaches you how to start down that transformational path to create a digital organization that leverages technology for competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, managers, and develop team members who want to learn how DevOps practices can produce faster, more effective solutions transforming traditional organizations into digital ones.

Learning Objectives

  • Transform organizations using Agile and Lean development best-practices
  • Build collaborative, cross-functional work environments
  • Improve quality with automated, test-driven development
  • Automate builds and deployments for continuous integration and deployment
  • Architect software for clouds, containers, and virtualization
  • Leverage modern tools for simplified version control and release management

Course Outline

  • Introduction: What DevOps Is
    • DevOps History
    • DevOps Goals
    • DevOps Impact on Organizations
  • Leading DevOps Organizational Change
    • Functional vs. Agile Organizations
    • Digitally Transforming Organizations
    • Defining Your Organization’s API
    • Fostering DevOps Work Environments
  • Agile Influences on DevOps
    • Lean Practices
    • Agile Planning
    • Value-Driven Development
    • Kanban
    • Scrum Project Tracking
  • DevOps Development Best Practices
    • Effective Team Communication
    • Paired Programming
    • Shared Ownership of Code
    • Source Control
  • Test-Driven Development
    • Unit Testing
    • Automated User Acceptance Testing
    • System Testing
  • Continuous Integration
    • Automating Builds
    • Automated Deployment
  • Architecting for DevOps
    • Virtualization
    • Micro-Service Architecture
    • Deploying Containers, Not Machines
    • Automating Configuration
    • Managing Versions
    • Recovering from Mistakes
  • DevOps Tools
    • Git
    • Cloud Platforms
    • Docker
    • js
    • Package Managers
    • Jenkins
    • Team Foundation Server
  • Review and Retrospective
    • Brainstorming DevOps Opportunities
    • Prioritizing DevOps Goals
    • Building a DevOps Action Plan

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