Kubernetes Kickstart 

(1 day)


Learn how to containerise workloads, deploy them to Google Container Engine clusters, scale them to handle increased traffic, and continuously deploy to provide application updates.


At the end of this one-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand container basics
  • Containerise an existing application
  • Understand Kubernetes concepts and principles
  • Deploy applications to Kubernetes using the CLI
  • Set up a continuous delivery pipeline



This bootcamp is intended for developers and operations professionals looking to get hands-on experience with Kubernetes and Google Container Engine. The typical audience member is comfortable running commands at a terminal and has a basic understanding of web technologies, such as NGINX and HTML



As an attendee, we recommend that you meet these prerequisites:
  • Sign up for Google Cloud Platform
  • Basic knowledge of Jenkins and Continuous Delivery
  • Basic familiarity with running commands in the terminal
  • Basic knowledge of web technologies such as NGINX and HTML


  • Module 1: Containers 101 and Docker
  • Module 2: Kubernetes 101
  • Module 3: Deploying to Kubernetes
  • Module 4: Creating a continuous delivery pipeline