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Google Cloud Platform
Learn how to code with Google Cloud Platform.


Google Cloud Platform
Learn how to manage, automate, and maintain applications on Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Platform
Learn how to deliver business value with
Big Data Solutions.


Google Cloud Platform
Learn how to design great solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

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Learn how to build rich, interactive web


About ROI Training

Google selected ROI Training as its partner for Google Cloud Platform training development. Working closely with Google’s content developers and engineers, ROI has developed the CP100A, CP300A, CPD200, CPO200, and CP306A workshops.

ROI’s Google Authorized Trainers and Google Developer Experts (GDEs) will work with you one-on-one in the classroom to enhance your skills for developing Google Cloud Platform products. These experts have extensive experience teaching developers and systems professionals of the world, and are recognized globally for their expertise with Google Cloud Platform.

If your organization is implementing Google Cloud Platform products and services, ROI can design custom exercises based on specific products and projects. Do your developers need a deep dive on Dataflow and Pub/Sub? We can write custom modules that integrate with the Google Cloud Platform curriculum. Workshops and exercises are designed around actual work in progress at your organization, so your staff gains practical experience.