What is Google Cloud Platform?

There are a number of big players in the cloud computing game. Amazon has Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft has Azure, and Google has Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

GCP is built on top of Google’s massively scalable, super-fast and highly available network and infrastructure. Google’s data centers are the most advanced in the world. Google owns their high-speed fiber optic network with data centers and edge caching servers all over the world.

Google offers a wide range of cloud services. These services can be used independently, together, or integrated with services from other providers.

Google Compute Engine

Compute Engine is Google’s Infrastructure as a Service offering. It allows users to create both Linux and Windows virtual machines, construct private and public networks, set up load balancers, and perform automatic scaling.

IT can deploy any type of application to servers running in Compute Engine. Networking requirements like firewalls, IP addressing, route tables, and the like are all easy to set up. Networks within compute engine can easily be connected to in-house networks as well.

Google App Engine

App Engine (GAE) is Google’s Platform as a Service offering. Using GAE, developers can write and deploy applications without the worry of setting up and maintaining servers.

What is unique about App Engine is its ability to scale down to zero instances. Applications are not deployed onto machines, but onto super-efficient containers that take virtually no time to load. When an application has no users, it shut off completely and costs nothing. As users come in, instances are created to meet the demand.

GAE applications cost nothing for a certain amount of hours each day. Many GAE applications simply run for free.


There are a number of different storage options. Cloud storage can be used for storing any type of file in the cloud. Files are replicated multiple times in multiple data centers for high availability and durability.  Storage cost at the time of this writing is below 3 cents per GB per month.

Google has two NoSQL offerings—Datastore and Bigtable.

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed MySQL environment. It is automatically maintained, backed up, and replicated across multiple data centers. It is easy to set up and supports most every MySQL feature and tool.


Google BigQuery is a fully-managed big data analysis tool.  It allows users to upload data of any size and query that data using SQL. Google’s massive infrastructure will process the query in seconds. There are no upfront costs and the charge is just $5 per terabyte of data processed, plus a couple cents for storage per month.


These are just some of the services Google Cloud Platform provides.

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