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Google Cloud Platform Load Balancer

Google shares software network load balancer design powering GCP networking

Very quick introduction to Google’s Load Balancer showing their sophistication in balancing loads. Examine this with a quick reflection on hardware load balancers in the beginning of web servers, noting how every device used to accomplish these and similar tasks is being virtualized.

History of Kubernetes

Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes

Twenty-four PDF pages makes it a good read for the ride to work. This is an extremely well-written treatise on Google’s experience with 3 container systems. Especially revealing is their candidness in the section at the end soliciting ideas for remaining unsolved issues.

Micro Python

These two articles will give you some insight into Micro Python. Engineers who work at the embedded level are familiar with the requirements brought on by limited cpu cycles and memory. They routinely work in assembler and C so it’s interesting to see them considering higher-level languages.

Using Micro Python for real-time software development

Getting Started with Micro Python

But before you go too deep into Micro Python, take a quick look at their approach to fixing an old standby, C language.

Fixing C



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