Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and getting certified is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency.  

The Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect exam itself is very effective in making sure you are a practitioner, not just someone who memorized a bunch of terms and statistics. This is a true test of experience and solution-oriented thinking.

Here are some tips for preparing.


If you are new to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Some think cloud computing is just virtual machines running in someone else’s data center. While that is part of it, there is a lot more. Being a competent architect requires a broad understanding cloud services.   

To get an overview of the products offered by GCP, go to Spend a couple hours exploring the links and reading the case studies.


There’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty

Go to, log in with your Google or GMail account, and then sign up for the free trial. You will get a $300 credit that you can use to learn GCP. This credit is good for a year.

Once you have an account, do the following labs (don’t worry if you don’t understand everything).


Take a Class

The first class to take is a 1-day overview titled Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure.

To help defray the cost, when you register for the course, use the promotional code DOUG and you will get in for $99 dollars.

You can also take this course for free on Coursera,

The second course is Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure. Come to the first course, and I will make sure you get a big discount on the second one too!

Soon we will also be releasing two new Google Cloud Certification Workshops. Stayed tuned...


Next Steps

I’ve reached my word count for one post. Get these things done and I’ll follow up with another in a little while. 

Let me know how you are doing,