Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services offer products for running applications, networking, and storing data in the cloud.  

There are many similarities. Both have data centers all over the world and are divided into regions and zones. Both allow you to create virtual machines, both allow you to create software defined networks called VPCs. Both have services for storing binary, relational, and NoSQL data. Both have services for data warehousing and analysis and both have services for machine learning.

There are also many differences. GCP networks are global, while AWS networks are regional. AWS offers more services. GCP is a bit more automated.

I started using the cloud about 10 years ago and have been teaching both AWS and GCP and other cloud platforms since. Students will sometimes ask me which is better. I’m not in the opinion business though, I’m in the teaching business. So, I decided to give you some hands-on labs with each platform.  

You will learn more if you see how each works. Do the labs in order for each platform, and let me know which you think is better.

Getting Started with GCP Getting Started with AWS
GCP Networking AWS Networking
Compute Engine Virtual Machines EC2 Virtual Machines
Automating Deployments with Kubernetes Engine Automating Deployments with CodePipeline

These labs just touch the surface of the capabilities of GCP and AWS. If you would like to learn more, check out these courses provided by ROI Training.


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