Case Study: Development - Hybrid Infrastructure with Anthos

The Challenge

Google wanted to launch hands-on training of their Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud application platform as soon as this new technology was available. While Google engineers developed the technologies, trusted resources were needed to focus on quality course content that would enable partners to quickly adopt and apply the high-demand Anthos platform.  

The Solution

Google contracted with ROI Training in May 2019 to develop a 4-day instructor-led training class featuring the capabilities of Anthos. Two of ROI Training’s Google Cloud Platform subject matter experts, Patrick Haggerty and Jeff Davis, worked with Google engineers to immerse themselves in the technical challenges related to on-premise and cloud environments. They learned how the design of Anthos technologies provide hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.They leveraged their many years of course development expertise to write learning objectives and hands-on lab exercises that would become the framework for this 4-day class: “Hybrid Infrastructure with Anthos for Partners.”  They then dove into the details to create impactful course content that would be used to train Google’s global customers on this new technology.

The Results

Since the launch of this class in August 2019, ROI Training has delivered more than 30 events across 14 countries to audiences of dedicated partners as well as multi-partner sessions. ROI has a team of 5 excellent instructors who teach this course across NORTHAM, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. Excerpts from course evaluations (Question: “What did you find most valuable?”) include: 


  • Overview of Anthos incl. understanding the currently available and planned features. The hands-on experience is also very valuable.
  • Awesome balance of demos, talking and labs. 
  • Dedicating the time to really focus on Istio and get under the hood.
  • A good and solid foundation to go to the next level. 
  • The hands-on labs provided were very helpful and valuable.
  • The Q&A sessions are extremely useful in uncovering caveats, and understanding limitations, etc.
  • Mixed mode delivery of theoretical knowledge matched with hands on labs. Great way to consolidate learning.
  • The training experience gives insights to lots of inner workings of Anthos as a platform and how it weaves various tools to work together to give a great experience.


ROI continues to deliver this class frequently. Google has since developed a 2-day version from this 4-day material that is expected to also run frequently. 


The technologies in this course continue to be constantly enhanced as they mature, requiring a dedication to the upkeep of course material. ROI Training has released three content revisions in the last seven months and continues to be dedicated to the high-quality maintenance of this content.

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