Cloud Digital Leader

(2 days)


If you’re wondering how the cloud can transform your business, then the Cloud Digital Leader (CDL) training is for you. Designed to give you foundational knowledge about cloud technology, data, artificial intelligence, and Google Cloud products that enable digital transformation, CDL can empower you and your team(s) to contribute to cloud-related business initiatives in your organization.


Whether you’re an experienced leader or new to the cloud, CDL equips you with the tools and confidence to make a real difference.



  • How to identify Google Cloud products and solutions that support digital transformation
  • How cloud technology and data can be used to innovate within organizations
  • Ways organizations can innovate using Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions
  • Options for infrastructure and application modernization with Google Cloud
  • The fundamentals of cloud security, Google’s trusted infrastructure
  • How to optimize cloud costs and achieve operational excellence with Google Cloud


  • Traditional enterprise business decision makers
  • All management levels leading product, projects, programs, operations, line of business, finance, people management, sales, marketing, and client management interested in how Google Cloud can support their business transformation
  • Individuals reasonably new to cloud technology


  • Knowledgeable about your own business products, services and industry
  • No prior technical knowledge is required

Course Outline

Module 1: Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

  • Why cloud technology is transforming business
  • Fundamental cloud concepts
  • Cloud computing models and shared responsibility

Module​ ​​2:​​ Exploring Data Transformation with Google Cloud

  • The value of data
  • Google Cloud data management solutions
  • Making data useful and accessible

Module​ ​​3:​​ Innovating with Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence

  • AI and ML fundamentals
  • Google Cloud’s AI and ML solutions

Module​ ​​4:​​ ​Modernize Infrastructure and Applications with Google Cloud

  • Important cloud migration terms
  • Modernizing infrastructure in the cloud
  • Modernizing applications in the cloud

Module​ 5:​​ ​Trust and Security with Google Cloud

  • Trust and security in the cloud
  • Google’s trusted infrastructure
  • Google Cloud’s trust principles and compliance

Module​ 6:​​ ​Scaling with Google Cloud Operations

  • Financial governance and managing cloud costs
  • Operational excellence and reliability at scale
  • Sustainability with Google Cloud