Course 097:
Understanding and Using VBA Effectively

(1-2 days)


Course Description

Technology is a fundamental part of the business, with new systems and updates going live every week. However, sometimes there is the need to create simple analytical tools using VBA or to tweak existing spreadsheets that contain VBA code. This course will provide participants with a deeper understanding of both Excel and VBA.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Appreciate the power of VBA and its major uses
  • Understand how to use the Visual Basic Editor window
  • Be able to modify recorded code to suit their purpose
  • Know how to create/write code from scratch
  • Work with procedures and functions to add value to spreadsheets
  • Use the programming language of VBA, including Boolean expressions: “for each…next” structure and select case…end select
  • Be confident when working with forms and controls

Course Outline

Introduction to VBA: The VBA Object Model (VBA at the Heart of Excel)

  • Introduction to the VBA Editor Environment
  • Introduction to the VBA Object Model
  • Running: Assigning to Form Buttons
  • Refining the Code in VBA
  • Windows: Editing, Project Explorer, Properties, Immediate
  • Working with Modules (Coding)
  • User Defined Functions (UDFs)

Basic Procedures and Functions

  • Understanding Modules
  • Understanding Procedures and Sub Procedures
  • Running Procedures
  • Learning to Use Tools Such as the Immediate and Locals Window

Basic Constructs: Controlling and Automating Your VBA Code

  • Looking at the Control-of-Flow Structures
  • Working with Boolean Expressions Using the ..End If Decision Structures
  • Using Loops Such as For and .While
  • Understanding Select Case…End Select Structure

Working with Forms and Controls: Allowing Users to Interact
with Your Application

  • Understanding Forms and Controls
  • Working with UserForm Properties, Events, and Methods

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