Course 099:
Internet of Things Foundations

(2 days)


Course Description

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. It provides advanced data collection, connectivity, and analysis of information collected by computers everywhere—taking the concepts of Machine-to-Machine communication farther than ever before. This course gives a foundation in the Internet of Things, including the components, tools, and analysis by teaching the concepts behind the IoT and a look at real-world solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the definition and significance of the Internet of Things
  • Discuss the architecture, operation, and business benefits of an IoT solution
  • Examine the potential business opportunities that IoT can uncover
  • Explore the relationship between IoT, cloud computing, and big data
  • Identify how IoT differs from traditional data collection systems

Who Should Attend

Audience includes executives, managers, engineers, developers, and others at all levels of experience with an interest in understanding concepts, and technologies involved with the Internet of Things (IoT).


No specific prerequisites are required.

Demonstrations & Workshops

Demonstrations and Workshops

  • Workshop: Brainstorming IoT Utilization
  • Workshop: IoT Sensor Utilization and Data Collection
  • Workshop: IoT Data Collection in the Cloud
  • Workshop: Implementing a Multi-Node IoT Solution
  • Workshop: IoT Data Analysis in the Cloud
  • Workshop: Design an IoT Solution

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Internet of Things (IoT)

  • What Is the Internet of Things?
  • Machine to Machine / User-less Communication
  • Common Use Cases
  • Components of an IoT Solution
  • Open Source and Commercial Examples
  • Competing Standards for IoT
  • IoT specialization: Industrial, Medical/Healthcare, Automotive, Energy/Utilities, Financial
  • Workshop: Brainstorming IoT Utilization

Chapter 2: Acquiring Data

  • Traditional Data Storage
  • Analog and Digital I/O Basics
  • Sensors and Data Collection Points
  • Embedded Platforms / Microcontrollers
  • Software Development
  • Device Security: Physical and Logical
  • Connectivity Options
  • Connecting Sensors to the Cloud
  • Scaling Number of Sensors
  • Workshop: IoT Sensor Utilization

Chapter 3: Utilizing Data

  • Collecting and Storage of IoT Sensor Data
  • Data Aggregation
  • Processing IoT Data
  • Privacy and Security
  • Analysis and Visualization of Data
  • How the work together: Cloud and IoT
  • Big Data and IoT
  • Use Cases for IoT Data
  • Workshop: IoT Data Collection in the Cloud

Chapter 4: Implementing IoT

  • Embedded Operating Systems
  • Linux and Windows-Based IoT
  • Cloud-based Data Collection
  • On-Going IoT Operations
  • Workshop: Implementing a Multi-Node IoT Solution

Chapter 5: IoT Analytics

  • ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)
  • Combining IoT Data with Static Data
  • Scripting and Programming with IoT Data
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Workshop: IoT Data Analysis in the Cloud

Chapter 6: Bringing It Together

  • IoT Strategies
  • IoT Governance and Management Strategies
  • What’s Next in IoT
  • Workshop: Design an IoT Solution

Course Summary


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