Course 114:
Business Analysis Simulation Workshop

(3 days)


Course Description

It is often difficult to grasp the intricacies and subtleties of performing business analysis by listening to lectures or even performing a series of activities in a classroom. More difficult is to try to absorb the best practices through a webinar or online course. Many of the techniques of business analysis require actual experience: interviewing, moderating and facilitating meetings, extracting the essence from gathered information, analyzing the information to produce workable requirements, and so forth. This course is a three-day intensive immersion into the business analysis process in which the participants will perform the basic business analysis activities and gain feedback from experienced, professional business analysts who are practicing in the field. The course uses a single case study project that can be taken from the corporate environment of the participants to provide more realism.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will know how to:

  • Gather information through one-on-one interview or an information gathering session
  • Analyze the information gathered to produce requirements
  • Document the requirements in several forms: requirements document, user stories,
    backlog items, etc.
  • Review and inspect documented requirements
  • Perform the activities of the business analysis process

Who Should Attend

Business analysts, whether new or experienced, project managers who wish to gain an appreciation for the tasks and activities performed by business analysts, managers, and others who wish to understand what business analysis is all about.


As there is little formal training in business analysis in this class, with the participants starting the process under the guidance of a professional business analyst, the participants are expected to be fully experienced in the basics of a requirements process or to have taken an introduction course in business analysis.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Business Analysis and the Case Study

  • Business Analysis: The Process
    • Define the Problem
    • Gather the Information
    • Analyze the Information
    • Document the Solution
    • Confirm the Solution
    • Document the Requirements
    • Validate the Requirements
    • Manage the Requirements
  • Introducing the Case Study
    • The Overview
    • The Plan
    • The Assignment

Unit 2: Determine the Problem

  • Define the Problem Statement
  • Prepare the Product Scope
  • Complete the Business Case

Unit 3: Gather the Information

  • Prepare the Information Gathering Plan
  • Conduct an Interview
  • Moderate a Meeting
  • Facilitate a Meeting

Unit 4: Produce the Proposed Solution

  • Requirements Analysis Process
  • Brainstorming
  • Analyze the Information
  • Model the Current State
  • Model the Future State
  • Describe the Solution

Unit 5: Document the Product

  • Write High-Level Requirements
  • Write User Stories
  • Define the Product Backlog
  • Confirm the Requirements
  • Write the Functional Requirements
  • Write the Non-Functional Requirements
  • Inspect the Requirements
  • Validate the Requirements

Unit 6: Managing Requirements Change

  • Assess Change Requests
  • Assess Product Design
  • Update Product Documentation

Unit 7: The Bottom Line

  • The Business Analysis Process Revisited
  • Lessons Learned
  • Where to Go for More Information
  • Industry Keys to Success Summary

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