Course 123:
The Business Analyst and the Project Manager Relationship

(2 days)


Course Description

One of the constant perplexities of IT project management is the differentiation between the IT project management and the business analyst. Professionals in one or the other of these positions find that they are performing activities and tasks that seem to impinge on the responsibilities of the other position. Many professionals in one position find themselves taking on the roles of both positions in these times of cutbacks and belt tightening. This course makes the clear distinction between the roles and offers a number of tips, tricks, and techniques for working as a business analyst with a project manager, a project manager with a business analyst, and when taking on both roles at the same time. This is a highly interactive class with individual and workshop activities designed to clarify the role differences.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will know how to:

  • Clearly distinguish the activities, tasks, and responsibilities of the business analyst, the project manager, and the technical lead or system analyst in any IT project
  • Perform the tasks and activities normally ascribed to the role they have taken
  • Provide assistance and support to the other role to help attain project success
  • Play both the project manager and business analyst role on the same project when called upon to do so

Who Should Attend

Managers, project managers, business analysts, and anyone who might become a project manager or business analyst or who is going to be working with a project manager or business analyst.


Knowledge of current IT project life cycle and software development.

Course Outline

Unit 1: The Ruling Triumvirate

  • Placing the Focus
    • Clarifying the Differences *
    • Focusing on the Role *
  • Achieving the Balance *

Unit 2: The Project Manager’s Role

  • Performing the Primary Project Manager Functions
    • Planning the Project *
    • Monitoring and Controlling the Project *
    • Coaching the Project Team *
  • Fulfilling Primary Project Manager Responsibilities
    • Delivering the Project Successfully *
    • Interacting with the Environment *
  • Supporting the Business Analyst *
  • Managing as a Project Manager *
  • Leading as a Project Manager
    • Differentiating Management and Leadership *
    • Leading the Team *

Unit 3: The Business Analyst’s Role

  • Performing the Primary Business Analyst Functions
    • Defining the Problem
    • Defining the Solution and the Solution Document
    • Maintaining the Requirements *
    • Confirming the Solution *
  • Fulfilling Primary Business Analyst Responsibilities
    • Communicating “
    • Delivering the Product Successfully *
  • Supporting the Project Manager
    • Playing a Role on the Project Team *
    • Negotiating and Mediating *
  • Communicating as a Business Analyst
    • Applying Basic Communication Skills *
    • Communicating Product Goals *
  • Influencing as a Business Analyst
    • Honing Influence Skills *
    • Applying Influence Appropriately *

Unit 4: Both Ways Now

  • Understanding the Concept of the Slash
    • Knowing Which Side of the Slash *
  • Burgeoning Schizophrenia *
  • Organizing the Work for Success *
  • Evaluating the Results *

Unit 5: The Bottom Line

  • Ideas to Use
  • Where to Go for More Information

* One or more interactive activities or workshops are included in this topic

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