Course 144:
Time Management

(1 day)


Course Description

The ability to quickly and accurately reassess priorities is an invaluable skill. Time management is not about getting more things done but rather getting the right things done. In this course, you will learn how to quickly sort your priorities from highest to lowest using a simple three-step method, then how to renegotiate those priorities with management and clients. You will identify your own time wasters and develop a plan of attack to minimize the drain on your time. You’ll learn how to manage priorities, organize your activities, execute without delay, and take back control of your day.

Learning Objectives

  • The definition of time management and your responsibility as a manager or staff member in setting priorities
  • The connection between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify your time wasters and develop plans to minimize them
  • Learn to execute without delay
  • Learn a simple three-step method for setting priorities at work
  • Learn how to negotiate priorities with managers and clients as often as necessary
  • Develop personal action plans for your time problems back at work

Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style, and life. This course will help individuals and organizations drive productivity.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, an understanding of the basic precepts of management will be helpful.

Course Outline

What Is Time Management?

  • Learn what effective time management is and your responsibility as a manager and/or staff member
  • The pressure of deadlines
  • The dangers of overplanning

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

  • Define the difference and review your work habits

Your Time Wasters!

  • Identify your top time wasters and develop plans to minimize the drain on your time

Three-Step Method to Set Better Priorities 

  • Learn how to quickly and effectively reset your priorities at work
  • Defining your goals
  • Establishing important and valid priorities
  • Creating boundaries and balance

Renegotiating Priorities with the Boss

  • Learn how to renegotiate your priorities as often as necessary and be more effective in your job

Tools and Techniques for Planning and Scheduling Time

  • Leveraging technology to help manage time

Personal Action Plans

  • Establish personal action plans for improved time management back at work

The Bottom Line

  • Tips for better time management
  • Where to go for more information
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