Course 145:
Advanced Management and Leadership Techniques

(4 days)


Course Description

Being an effective director-level manager means you must delegate constantly, become a change agent, and play a vital role as a conduit between executive management and operational staff. This course includes nine key topic modules that are relevant to any manager who manages supervisors and is accountable to senior management for accomplishing strategic objectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of a middle manager
  • Understand leadership for middle managers
  • Motivate through effective delegation
  • Manage performance through coaching
  • Manage change and your own stress
  • Planning the support of strategic objectives
  • Strategic planning and the role of a middle manager
  • Give effective client and management presentations and briefings
  • Conduct effective meetings

Who Should Attend

Anyone who reports directly to senior management or who has managers as direct reports.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, an understanding of the basic precepts of management will be helpful.

Course Outline

 Unit 1: Roles and Responsibilities of a Middle Manager

  • Roles and Duties
  • Determining Your Tactical Vision
  • Managing Managers
  • Your Responsibilities to Senior Management
  • Different Roles of the Supervisor vs. Middle Manager

Unit 2: Planning Strategic Objectives

  • Developing Your Tactical Plans from the Corporate Mission and Objectives
  • Strategic and Tactical Business Planning Techniques
  • Your Role in Achieving the Mission, Objectives, Goals, and Projects

Unit 3: Executive Presentations and Briefings

  • How to Plan and Present Winning Briefings
  • Dealing with Nervousness and Tough Audiences
  • Use of Visual Aids
  • Practice and Critique Executive Presentations

Unit 4: Leadership for the Middle Manager

  • Leadership Self-Assessment “The Leadership Challenge”
  • Traditional and Situational Leadership Models
  • Your Role in Challenging the Process, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Enabling Others to Act, Modeling the Way, and Encouraging the Heart
  • Leadership Issues Specifically for Middle Managers

Unit 5: Managing Change and Stress on Your Team

  • Traditional Views of Change and the Resulting Stress
  • Signs and Symptoms of Resistance to Change and Stress in Your Staff
  • Stages Staff Go through in Times of Change
  • Planning and Managing Large or Small Changes
  • Managing and Dealing with All Levels of Stress

Unit 6: Giving Effective Feedback and Your Role as a Coach

  • Giving Positive and Corrective Feedback to Your Managers
  • Coaching to Correct Performance Problems or Develop Your Stars

Unit 7: Planning and Running Effective Meetings

  • Why Meetings Fail
  • The Five Different Purposes of Meetings
  • Planning and Running Meetings
  • Achieving Results in the Shortest Possible Time

Unit 8: Delegation Skills

  • Delegate Menial Tasks So the Job Gets Done
  • Delegate the Tough, Important Jobs

Unit 9: Performance Appraisals

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Appraisals
  • Setting up Stress-Free Appraisals or You and Your Staff

Unit 10: Managing Your Own Development

  • How to Negotiate Your Own Development and Career
  • What Is Career Planning?
  • What Are Your Skills and Aspirations?
  • Careers and Generational Expectations
  • What Is the Best Field for Me?
  • Identifying Your Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
  • Steps in Managing Your Career
  • Necessary Elements of Career Success
  • The Value of Mentoring and Networking
  • Managing Your Career in the Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term

Sample Case Study

Using an evolving case study, you will be promoted to Director of Research and Development, responsible for multiple supervisors and staff. You’ll develop and implement strategic plans that support corporate objectives. You will be called on to plan and present an Executive Briefing, a change management plan for a strategic initiative, and a plan to manage the stress of change among your staff members. Performance management, running effective meetings, and delegation skills will be taught and practiced.

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