Course 153:
Creating and Managing Successful Teams

(1 day)


Course Description

Managing teams, especially matrix teams, can be one of the biggest challenges any manager faces. We will see how organizations have evolved over the last 10 years and why organizations are moving more and more to work teams. We will define an effective team; discuss the characteristics of effective and ineffective teams, and the special considerations of matrix teams. You will learn the nine important team maintenance functions project managers are responsible for and how to address dysfunctional teams. Finally, we will create action plans for improving team effectiveness back at work.

Learning Objectives

  • Types of teams
  • Characteristics of effective and ineffective teams
  • Project matrix teams
  • The nine important team maintenance functions
  • How to identify and work with dysfunctional teams
  • Personal action plans for teams back at work

Who Should Attend

This module is designed for any supervisor or manager responsible for managing a team.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, an understanding of the basic precepts of management will be helpful.

Course Outline

Introductions and Objectives

  • Negotiate learning objectives with the class in order to customize and meet real-world needs

What Is a Team?

  • Learn the different types of project teams
  • Define an effective team

Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective Teams

  • Create a checklist for both types of teams

Surviving in a Matrix Structure

  • Learn the five common resource problems all managers face with matrix teams

The Nine Team Functions 

  • Learn the nine team maintenance functions managers are responsible for

Working with Dysfunctional Teams

  • Learn the characteristics of dysfunctional teams what to do to get them back on track

Personal Action Plans

  • Personal action plans for back at work
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