Course 168:
Leading Change

(1 day)


Course Description

This course is designed to give managers the tools needed to successfully execute organizational change from inception to implementation. Attendees will learn key techniques to identify and manage the various obstacles and challenges that managers face when implementing organizational change, including change resisters, employee buy-in, and improving employee productivity and morale. The course also discusses various types of organizational change, common mistakes made, industry best practices, and examples of strategies used to sustain momentum once change has been implemented.

Learning Objectives

  • Review past and present changes, and how they are traditionally managed
  • Discuss the consequences of mismanaged changes
  • Identify the indicators of resistance to change
  • Review four categories of people and how they react to change
  • The 30/30/30/10 rule
  • Identify key steps in implementing changes that ensure buy-in
  • Develop personal action plans for a change at work

Who Should Attend

Any manager or supervisor responsible for implementing a change.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, an understanding of the basic precepts of management will be helpful.

Course Outline

Introductions and Objectives

  • Negotiate learning objectives with the class in order to customize and meet real-world needs

The Traditional Approach to Managing Change

  • Organizational change and change management
  • Types of organizational change
  • Your role as a change agent
  • Common mistakes in managing change

Reactions During Times of Change

  • The four types of reactions people have during times of change

Indicators of Resistance to Change

  • Indicators of resistance to change
  • The link between stress and change
  • The 30/30/30/10 rule

Models in Dealing with Change

  • Review the popular models for planning and managing change
  • Skills required in times of change

Obtaining Buy-In

  • Ensure you keep your best team members
  • Getting commitment to changes

Steps to Ensure Buy-in

  • There are several vital steps you must take to ensure you maximize buy-in from staff

Personal Action Plans

  • Develop personal action plans for implementing and managing a change
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