Course 171:
Motivating Matrix Teams

(1 day)


Course Description

Motivating teams of borrowed staff can be one of the biggest challenges any project manager can face. A motivated, committed team is one of the most important factors when it comes to success. We will define motivation and look at intrinsic and extrinsic motivators at work. After looking at several models, we will discuss how they apply to motivating work teams. In the latter half of the course, we will discuss matrix management and what is required to get maximum buy-in from staff that you do not have formal authority over. Each participant will develop action plans to create an energized work culture and a motivating work environment.

Learning Objectives

  • The definition of motivation and what are intrinsic and extrinsic motivators at work
  • Matrix management
  • Creating a motivating matrix team environment
  • Review three motivation models and apply them to your team
  • Discuss ways to energize and get the very best from your people
  • Develop a motivation and reward plan for your team

Who Should Attend

Managers who would like to improve the motivation and energy of their team.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, an understanding of the basic precepts of management will be helpful.

Course Outline

Introductions and Objectives

  • Negotiate learning objectives with the class in order to customize and meet real-world needs

Definition of Motivation?

  • Define motivation and review common themes of motivated people
  • Create a description of a super motivated person
  • Dealing with underperformers

Motivation Models

  • Review different motivation models and apply them to our matrix teams
    • Maslow, Herzberg, McClelland, etc.

Motivating Matrix Teams

  • Define the skills and techniques required to motivate a “borrowed” team
  • Leveraging the strengths of existing matrix organizations
  • Matrix vs. functional organizations
  • The reality of conflict in matrix teams
  • Discuss matrix-type organizational structure where cross-functional teams can work together successfully

“But What Can I Do to Create a Motivating Environment?”

  • Develop plans that create and promote intrinsic motivators, an energized work culture, and an environment where staff want to be there

Personal Action Plans

  • Create action plans for back at work
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