Course 172:
Effective Project Leadership

(3 days)


Course Description

Effective project leadership is one of the most important factors on any successful project. This program discusses the difference between leadership and management, and the characteristics of effective leaders. We will investigate leadership strategies that are best suited to the various generations encountered on today’s work teams.

We will explore how interpersonal communication works, how it breaks down, and the skills necessary to ensure clear team communication. We will then learn and practice a situational leadership model that can be adapted to any type of team member. This will lead to developing personal action plans for effectively using our influencing skills in an effort to gain maximize team output. Finally, we will view a short video on strategic leadership that can be effectively used on any project team, large or small, and develop personal actions plans for back at work.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between management and leadership
  • Understand generational differences and appropriate leadership styles
  • Learn the skills necessary to ensure effective team communications
  • Learn and practice a situational leadership model appropriate for all types of project team members
  • Demonstrate the effective use of influencing skills
  • Use a strategic leadership model appropriate to any size project that will ensure maximum buy-in and commitment

Who Should Attend

Any project managers or team leads that are leading people.


The attendee should have a basic understanding of project management.

Course Outline

Course Objectives

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Expectations

Unit 1: The Leadership Context

  • Are Leaders Born or Made?
  • The Differences between Leadership vs. Management
  • The Three Functions of Management
  • Traditional Leadership Models
  • Task vs. People-Oriented Leaders

Unit 2: Understanding Generational Values and Differences

  • Review the Various Generations Encountered on Modern Work Teams
  • What Leadership Styles Work with Different Generations?
  • Develop an Understanding of How to Lead Each Generational Group

Unit 3: Effective Interpersonal Communications

  • The Interpersonal Communication Loop
  • The Active Listening Toolbox
  • Practice and Role Plays

Unit 4: Face-to-Face Leadership

  • The Common Mistakes and Traps of Ineffective Leaders
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Project Leadership
  • Review a Situational Leadership Model Effective with Any Team Member
  • Practice and Case Studies

Unit 5: Influencing Skills for Project Managers

  • What Is Influence?
  • How to Influence Others
  • Strategies for Influencing Project Stakeholders

Unit 6: Strategic Leadership

  • View a Short Video on Strategic Leadership
  • Discuss and Review the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders
  • Conduct a Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Using Leadership Workbooks, Develop Personal Action Plans for Back at Work

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