Course 424:
User Experience Design Best Practices

(2 days)


Course Description

This course teaches students the principles and best practices of user interface design. Students are shown common user interface patterns for a variety of user interface needs. The class is interactive, with students analyzing, critiquing, and designing user-facing applications for a variety of use cases. Most of the examples are of Web applications, but desktop and mobile applications are also covered where the principles and/or constraints warrant.

Learning Objectives

  • Applying the core principles of user interface design
  • Prototyping a user interface
  • Organizing content for improved usability
  • Providing intuitive navigation
  • Dealing with complex content and data
  • Handling user input effectively

Who Should Attend

This is a design course meant for business analysts, managers, programmers, and anyone charged with designing or building user interfaces.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Core Principles of User Interface Design

  • Characteristics of Good User Interfaces
  • Usability
  • Intuitiveness
  • Common Themes When Designing UIs
  • UI Patterns
  • Constraints in UI Design

Chapter 2: Prototyping Using a Wireframe

  • Why Wireframe?
  • Pencil: An Open-Source Wireframe Tool
  • Building a Wireframe Using Pencil and Stencils

Chapter 3: Organizing Content

  • Designing a Landing Page
  • Designing Single-Purpose Pages
  • Showing Lists of Things
  • Building UI for Creative Tasks
  • Common UI Design Errors

Chapter 4: Navigation

  • What Is Needed for Navigation?
  • Navigation Patterns
  • Signpost Models
  • Common Navigation Errors

Chapter 5: Addressing Complexity

  • Principles of Visual Layout
  • Reducing Complexity Using Layout Patterns
  • Data Presentation Motifs

Chapter 6: User Input

  • Structured and Free-Form Input Patterns
  • UI Conventions for Action Items

Chapter 7: Social Media and Mobile Apps

  • Business Use of Social Media
  • Designing UI for Mobile Applications

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