Course 500:
Microsoft SQL Server Administration

(3 days)


Course Description

In today’s data-intensive environment, Microsoft SQL Server is a key component of a Microsoft infrastructure.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Microsoft SQL Server components and architecture
  • Management of Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server Disaster Recovery and High-Availability

Who Should Attend

Server Administrators, Analysts, Programmers, Managers, and Team Leaders who need to understand the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server administration, and the underlying hardware and operating system dependencies.


  • A desire to understand Microsoft SQL Server
  • Knowledge of SQL Queries will be helpful, but not required

Course Outline

Unit 1: Microsoft SQL Foundations

  • Microsoft’s SQL Server Overview
  • Building Blocks: Tables, Rows, and Columns
  • Creating New Databases and Tables

Unit 2: Microsoft SQL Server Management

  • Database Schemas
    • Table Management
    • Indexes
    • Views
    • Statistics
  • Database Management/Maintenance
    • Attach/Detach
    • Backup/Restoration
    • Log Management/Truncate
    • Consistency Check
    • Maintenance plans
    • Scheduled Jobs
    • Connectivity Options
    • SQL Server Instances

Unit 3: SQL Server Security

  • Security Foundations
  • Server and Database Roles and Permissions
  • Encryption
  • Logging
  • Monitoring
  • Auditing

Unit 4: Microsoft SQL High-Availability

  • Installation Options
  • Disaster Recovery Concepts
  • Log Mirroring/Log Shipping
  • AlwaysOn Clustering
  • Best Practices

Bonus/Optional Unit 5: SQL Programming Concepts for the Non-Programmer

  • SQL Programming Concepts
    • Stored Procedures
    • User-Defined Functions
    • Database Triggers
  • Language Overview 

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