Course 536:
Enterprise Management & Deployment of iPhones and iPads

(1 day demo/2 days hands-on)


Course Description

iPhones and iPads are becoming essential devices in the Enterprise. In this course, the usage and management of company-issued devices will be examined, including individual and centralized management. Topics include Enterprise and Security features integrated into iOS platform, Apple’s Configurator for Configuration and Provisioning, setup/configuration/usage of an Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) Server included in recent Apple OSX Server releases, and deployment of Enterprise Applications.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for any Information Technology (IT) professional who will be managing iPad and iPhone devices in an enterprise network. System administrators, server managers, networking professionals, technical support staff, and technology managers, and others will benefit from this course.


A need to integrate Apple iPhones and/or iPads into your organization.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Understanding iPhone/iPad Capabilities

  • Enterprise Capabilities
  • Security Features
  • Integration Tools
  • iCloud, Configurator, and MDM/Profile Manager Overview

Unit 2: Locking Down an iPhone/iPad on an Individual Basis

  • Leveraging iCloud
  • Find my iPhone
  • Backup to iCloud
  • Leverage to Manage Devices, Including Remote Location, Locking, and Wiping

Unit 3: Apple’s iPhone/iPad Configurator Utility

  • What Can the Apple Configurator Do?
  • Use Cases for Business, School, and Institution
  • Managing Devices
  • Creating a Configuration Profile
    • General Configuration, Including Security and Profile Removal
    • Passcode Enforcement, Including Length, Complexity, and Attempts
    • Restrictions, Include Apps, Cameras, Screen Capture, App Store, and More
    • WiFi Configurations
    • VPN Configurations
    • Mail Configuration for POP3 or IMAP Services
    • Exchange ActiveSync Configuration
    • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Servers)
    • Calendar (CalDAV Servers)
    • Subscribed Calendar Management
    • Contact (CardDAV Servers)
    • Web Clips Installations
    • Credentials (X.509 Certificate Deployment to a Device)
    • SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) Servers
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Connection
    • Carrier Access Point Name (APN)
  • Removing a Configuration Profile
  • Installing a Provisioning Profile

Unit 4: Utilizing an Apple MDM Server Running on OS X

  • What Is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?
  • Use Cases for Business—Small, Medium, and Large
  • Understanding Apple Push Notification Server Technology for iPad/iPhone Management
  • Installing the MDM Server on a Mac OS Server
  • Requesting and Obtaining the SSL Certificates from Apple for your MDM Server
  • mydevices and profilemanager Sites
  • Securely Enroll a Device with a MDM Server
  • Provisioning Additional Enrollment and Management Users
  • Building Settings Payloads
  • Deploying Settings to Devices and Device Groups
  • Locating Devices
  • Monitoring Compliance with Corporate Policies
  • Remotely Lock and Remotely Wipe Devices
  • Reset PIN/Passwords Remotely
  • Removing Profiles and Settings
  • Other MDM Providers

Unit 5: Enterprise Applications

  • Adding Enterprise Apps and Books
  • Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Apps and Books
  • Deploying Applications to Managed Devices
  • Approving Applications for Employee Use
  • Basics Behind Building a iPhone/iPad Application
  • Distribution Options
  • Using Web-Based Applications

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