Course 540:
Supporting Windows 8.1 in the Enterprise

(3 days)


Course Description

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest Desktop Operating System, and enterprises around the world are evaluating it as a new platform. In this course, you will examine Windows 8 enterprise features and capability, including the new desktop environment, full-disk encryption, remote user support, and integration with Active Directory.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit IT and System Administrators, Managers, Advanced Users, and Developers who need to know how to deploy and operate Windows 8 in an enterprise environment.

Course Outline

What’s New in Windows 8

  • Where Did the Start Menu Go? The Start Screen
  • Using the Metro Interface
  • Getting to the Desktop
  • Understanding the New Task Manager
  • Changes to Windows Explorer
  • Running a Virtual Machine
  • Tools for Managing Virtual Machines
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and the Windows Key
  • What Is Still There and How to Find It

Customizing the Windows 8 Desktop Environment

  • Windows Tiles
  • Customizing the Start Screen
  • Adjusting and Leveraging the Lock Screen
  • Touch Interface Support in Windows 8
  • Identify and Leverage Changes to Windows Explorer
  • Running Multiple Virtual Machines on a Single Server
  • Comparing Windows Apps against Traditional Programs
  • Using and Controlling the Windows App Store
  • SkyDrive in the Business Environment: Good or Bad?
  • Leverage Windows File History for Previous Versions of Documents
  • Troubleshooting the Desktop

Internet Explorer 10

  • What Is the Same, What Is Different
  • Accessing Directly as a Metro App, or using the Full Browser
  • Securing the Web Browser
  • Using InPrivate Mode
  • Controlling Browser Plugs-In
  • Controlling Scrolling – top/down or left/right
  • Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 Management

  • User Account Control (UAC)
  • Computer Management Consoles
  • Event Logs
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Managing Disks and Hardware Devices
  • Restricting Applications That Can Be Run
  • Activating Windows 8: MAK and KMS
  • Windows Patch Management Techniques
  • Understanding Windows Boot-Up
  • Command Line and Power-Shell Administration
  • Troubleshooting System Management and Boot-Up

Windows Networking

  • Windows 8 Desktop Networking: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Windows Firewall
  • Identifying Application Communication
  • Restricting Network Access by Applications
  • Tuning and Troubleshooting the Network

Active Directory and Server Integration

  • Action Directory Support for Windows 8
  • Login and Logout from Active Directory
  • Understanding Group Policy and Preferences for Windows Clients
  • Examining Local Policies
  • New Policies and Preferences for Windows 8
  • Identifying Deployed Machine and User Policies
  • Drive and Resource Mapping
  • Reducing Locally Stored Data Using Folder Redirection
  • Troubleshooting Login/Logout and Domain Access

Laptop and Remote User Support

  • Useful Laptop Features in Windows 8
  • Full Disk Encryption with BitLocker and BitLocker-To-Go
  • Connecting the User to the Enterprise When They Are Away
  • Sharing the Users Screen with Remote Assistance
  • Remotely Connecting to a System with Remote Desktop

Advanced Technologies included in Windows 8

  • Running Windows 8 directly from a USB drive (Windows-to-go)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit technologies
  • Networking: IPv4 and IPv6 from the Desktop Operating System
  • Hosting Hyper-V Virtual Machines on Windows 8
  • Virtualization of Windows 8
  • Creating and Attaching virtual disks (VHD and VHDX)
  • Accessing Non-Bootable Systems
  • Windows RT briefing
  • Upgrade Discussions for Businesses
    • Windows XP to Windows 8?
    • Windows 7 to Windows 8?
  • Distributable End-User Tips and Tricks

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