Course 565:
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundations

(2-5 days)


Course Description

SharePoint provides an excellent infrastructure for collaboration and a foundation for internal applications and workflow. In this five-day hands-on course, SharePoint 2010 will be examined, starting with information for power users, then middleware/workflow operators, and ends with information for system administrators/server managers.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit power users, middleware/workflow designers, IT and system administrators, managers, Web developers, and Help Desk staff who need to know how SharePoint operates and how to leverage the built-in functionality of SharePoint 2010 in a corporate environment.

We recommend everyone attend the first two days, middleware/workflow developers attend the first three days, and SharePoint administrators/server administrators attend all five days.

Course Can Be Modularized

  • Course 565P: For Power Users (2 days)
  • Course 565M: Additional Information for Middleware/Workflow (1 day)
  • Course 565S: Additional Information for System Administrators/Server Managers (2 days)

Course Outline

Days 1 and 2: SharePoint for Power Users (Course 565P)

SharePoint Foundations

  • What Is SharePoint?
  • Features and Functionality of SharePoint 2010
  • Navigating the SharePoint Interface
  • SharePoint Scavenger Hunt

SharePoint Lists

  • Everything in SharePoint Is a List!
  • Overview of the Built-In Lists (and Libraries) Types
  • Interacting with Lists
  • SharePoint Views of Data
  • Adding, Removing, and Modifying Columns in a List
  • Basic Column Types: Text, Numbers, Currency, Date/Time
  • Column Settings and Validation
  • Drop-Down Column Types: Yes/No, Choice
  • Linked Column Types: Person/Group, Hyperlink/Picture
  • Advanced Column Types: Calculated, External Data, Managed Metadata

Storing Information in SharePoint

  • Storing Documents in SharePoint
  • Enabling and Manage Versioning
  • Document Check-In/Check-Out
  • Document Sets
  • Creating Shared Calendars, Contact, and More
  • Adding Links to the Site
  • Host Team Discussions, Blogs, and Wikis
  • Collecting Data Using Forms

Customizing SharePoint

  • Modify the Site Home Page
  • What Are Web Parts?
  • Locating and Configure Web Parts on the Default Page
  • Adding Graphics, Static and Dynamic Text
  • Personal and Public Views

Leveraging Workspaces and Social Networking

  • Document Workspaces
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Blogs
  • Wiki

Forms and Data Entry

  • Managing Forms for Data Input
  • New, View, and Edit Form Management and Customization
  • Datasheet Views
  • Understanding the Form Library
  • Customizing the Site Home Page
  • Leveraging a SharePoint Workflow

Controlling Access to SharePoint

  • Adding/Removing Permissions to a Site
  • Controlling List/List-Item Permissions
  • Displaying Permissions on the Site Home Page

Day 3: SharePoint for Middleware/Workflow Designers (Course 565M)

SharePoint Workflows

  • Creating Forms for Data Input
  • Design a Simple Workflow
  • Sending and Receiving Email within a Workflow

Integration and Expanding SharePoint

  • Using SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Default Site Templates
  • Building Complex Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010

Enhancing SharePoint with Web Parts

  • Enhancing SharePoint with Web Parts
  • What is a Web Part
  • Utilizing an Enabled Web Part
  • Introduction to Writing Web Parts

Middleware/Workflow Designers Limitations

  • Limitations of SharePoint Administration through the SharePoint Site
  • What SharePoint Server Administrators Do
  • What Is Required to Install a downloaded Web Part on a SharePoint Server
  • Terminology and Communication with the Server Manager

Days 4 and 5: SharePoint for System Administrators (Course 565S)

SharePoint Services Installation

  • Different Versions of SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Infrastructure Basics: Single Server and Server-Farm
  • Locating the SharePoint Database
  • Hardware and Software Requirements for SharePoint 2010
  • Pre-Installation Requirements of SharePoint Services
  • Installation of SharePoint Services on Windows Server 2008 R2

SharePoint Server Management and Configuration

  • Understanding the SharePoint Framework
  • Day-to-Day SharePoint Management
  • Backup/Restoration Options in SharePoint
  • Understanding Email and SharePoint Integration: Outbound and Inbound
  • SharePoint Command Line Operation
  • Site Collections and Top-Level Sites

Creating Additional SharePoint Sites

  • Site Collections and Top-Level Sites
  • Managing SharePoint Namespaces
  • How SharePoint Integrated with Internet Information Server (IIS)

Providing Search Functionality

  • Windows SharePoint Services Search Architecture
  • Requirements for Search-Enabling SharePoint
  • Content Crawling
  • Building Search Queries

SharePoint Security

  • Security and SharePoint
  • Adding Local Users and Groups to SharePoint Permissions
  • Understanding SharePoint Authentication
  • SharePoint Integration with Active Directory User Accounts
  • Adding Domain Users and Groups to SharePoint Permissions

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