Course 980:
Hands-On Ansible

(1 day)


Course Description

Ansible is an IT automation tool that allows you to programmatically provision cloud infrastructure, configure servers, deploy applications, and automate many other IT tasks. With Ansible you use YAML syntax to describe your IT infrastructure. Then, using pre-built modules, what you described is created. This course starts with the basics of installing and configuring Ansible. You learn how to use Ansible modules to automate IT configuration, program Ansible Playbooks with variables, if-statements, and loops, and provision cloud infrastructure using Ansible code.

Learning Objectives

  • Installing and configuring Ansible
  • Automating IT tasks using Ansible modules
  • Programming Ansible playbooks using YAML
  • Creating reusable playbooks with Ansible roles
  • Deploying AWS and Google Cloud resources using Ansible

Who Should Attend

Engineers, developers, architects, and other IT professionals who would like to use Ansible to automate IT tasks.

Hands-On Activities

This course includes hands-on labs that reinforce your learning and provide a template for getting started on your real-world use cases.

Course Outline


Module 1: Getting Started with Ansible

  • Ansible Overview
    • Installation
    • Features
    • Getting Started
    • Running Ansible Commands
    • Lab: Installing and Using Ansible
  • Ansible Tower
    • Overview 
    • Features

Module 2: Ansible Essentials

  • Ansible Basics
    • Inventory
    • Modules
    • Using Modules
    • Playbooks 
    • Running Playbook
    • Lab: Getting Started with Ansible
  • Ansible Modules
    • Finding Ansible Modules
    • Modules Examples
    • Ansible Galaxy
    • Lab: Using Ansible Modules

Module 3: Programming Ansible Playbooks

  • YAML Basics
    • YAML Syntax
    • Properties
    • Collections
    • Playbook Syntax
    • Tasks
    • Lab: Creating Ansible Playbooks
  • Programming Playbooks
    • Using Variables
    • Output
    • Conditionals 
    • Loops
    • Lab: Programming Ansible Playbooks
  • Creating Reusable Playbooks
    • Ansible Roles
    • Creating Roles
    • Roles Directory Structure
    • Finding Roles
    • Using Roles in Playbooks
    • Lab: Using Ansible Roles

Module 4: Building Cloud Infrastructure

  • Ansible for AWS
    • Using the AWS Modules
    • VPCs
    • EC2 VMs
    • Security Groups
    • Lab: Creating AWS Resources with Ansible
  • Ansible for Google Cloud
    • Using the Google Cloud Modules
    • VPCs
    • Compute Engine VMs
    • Firewall Rules
    • Lab: Creating Google Cloud Resources with Ansible

Module 5: Ansible Workshop

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