Case Study: Customer Certification on Google Cloud

The Challenge

A major British financial institution wanted 100 engineers, who were new to the Google Cloud, to quickly achieve Google Professional Cloud Architect certification and Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

The Solution

ROI Training coordinated with key stakeholders to identify how best to meet this challenge. Given the rigor of the Google certification exams, ROI recommended an intensive “boot camp” plan to bring staff up to speed quickly on Google Cloud theory and hands-on skills. A series of multi-day, live, instructor-led courses were delivered, followed by an exam-preparation workshop, to best ensure candidates were thoroughly prepared to take the exams.

The Results

  • This customer experienced a candidate pass rate of 96% for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification. Meaning, 96% of the course attendees who took this exam, passed and achieved certification.
  • This customer also experienced a candidate pass rate of 85-90% for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification.
  • This client was thrilled with the speed and quality of ROI’s program delivery and with program results.

What did the client think?

The whole experience of working with ROI has been second to none, from creating training schedules and assigning trainers, to the quality of the trainers. The ROI trainers have a deep interest and understanding of Google Cloud, combined with soft skills of delivering face-to-face training. Materials provided by ROI are market leading and significantly contributed to our high exam success rate.

The content is up-to-date with the latest Google Cloud changes and has clearly been carefully crafted; making complex concepts easy to relate to and understand. Additional revision materials, curated and provided by ROI, to supplement the face-to-face training are market leading and I’m convinced that they significantly contributed to our high exam success rate. - Group Transformation Engineering Capability & Culture, financial institution key stakeholder, December 2019.

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