Developing Applications with Cloud Functions on
Google Cloud

(½ day)


In this course, you learn about Cloud Functions, Google’s serverless, fully-managed functions as a service (FaaS) product. With Cloud Functions, you implement single-purpose functions that respond to HTTP requests and process events from your cloud infrastructure.



  • Recognize the benefits of and use cases for Cloud Functions in modern application development
  • Understand how to build, test, and deploy Cloud Functions
  • Secure and connect Cloud Functions to resources and cloud databases
  • Use best practices with Cloud Functions



  • Knowledge of Google Cloud Console, gcloud CLI, and basic programming experience in Node.js or Python
  • Some understanding of other Google Cloud services that include Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub
  • Understanding of HTTP, and experience with using HTTP client tools like curl
  • Completion of the Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course is recommended

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Functions

  • An introduction to Cloud Functions
  • Benefits and Use Cases
  • Types of Cloud Functions and Language Runtimes

Module​ ​​2:​​ Calling and Connecting Cloud Functions

  • Cloud Functions Triggers
  • Connecting Cloud Functions

Module​ ​​3:​​ ​Securing Cloud Functions

  • Accessing and Authenticating to Functions
  • Protecting Functions and Data

Module​ ​​4:​​ Integrating with Cloud Databases

  • Integrate Cloud Functions with Cloud Databases
  • Use Secrets with Cloud Functions

Module​ ​​5:​​ Best Practices

  • Cloud Functions Best Practices