Introduction to AI and Machine Learning on Google Cloud

(1 day)


Course Description

This course introduces the AI and machine learning (ML) offerings on Google Cloud that build both predictive and generative AI projects. It explores the technologies, products, and tools available throughout the data-to-AI life cycle, encompassing AI foundations, development, and solutions. It aims to help data scientists, AI developers, and ML engineers enhance their skills and knowledge through engaging learning experiences and practical hands-on exercises.


  • Recognize the data-to-AI technologies and tools provided by Google Cloud
  • Build generative AI projects by using Gemini multimodal, efficient prompts, and model tuning
  • Explore various options for developing an AI project on Google Cloud
  • Create an ML model from end to end by using Vertex AI


Having one or more of the following:

  • Basic knowledge of machine learning concepts
  • Prior experience with programming languages such as SQL and Python


Professional AI developers, data scientists, and ML engineers who want to build predictive and generative AI projects on Google Cloud.

Course Outline


Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Define the course goal
  • Recognize the course objectives

Module 2: AI Foundations

  • Why AI?
  • AI/ML framework on Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud infrastructure
  • Data and AI products
  • ML model categories
  • BigQuery ML
  • Lab introduction: BigQuery ML
  • Lab: Predicting Visitor Purchases with BigQuery ML

Module 3: AI Development Options

  • AI development options
  • Pre-trained APIs
  • Vertex AI
  • AutoML
  • Custom training
  • Lab introduction: Natural Language API
  • Lab: Entity and Sentiment Analysis with Natural Language API

Module 4: AI Development Workflow

  • ML workflow
  • Data preparation
  • Model development
  • Model serving
  • MLOps and workflow automation
  • How a machine learns
  • Lab introduction: AutoML
  • Lab: Vertex AI: Predicting Loan Risk with AutoML

Module 5: Generative AI

  • Generative AI and workflow
  • Gemini multimodal
  • Prompt design
  • Model tuning
  • Model Garden
  • AI solutions
  • Lab introduction: Vertex AI Studio
  • Lab: Getting Started with Vertex AI Studio