Introduction to Developer Efficiency on Google Cloud

(1 day)


Generative AI is now at the center of transforming how software is designed, built, run, and managed. For developers, generative AI is a powerful tool for making coding more efficient and using APIs, such as the PaLM API, within their applications.

In this course, you are introduced to how generative AI can be used to make developers more efficient at writing code and implementing new features into applications. Along the way, you learn principles of prompt design and how to explore the different models available on Google Cloud by using Vertex AI Model Garden.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the efficiency challenges in a developer workflow and how generative AI can make developers more efficient
  • Use Duet AI in Cloud Code to more efficiently write code for your applications
  • Use Duet AI in Google Cloud to quickly summarize your application logs
  • Explain the fundamentals of prompt design when using Duet AI in Cloud Code
  • Integrate the PaLM API in your applications to use generative AI
  • Explore available models available in Vertex AI Model Garden


Application developers and others who wish to understand how generative AI on Google Cloud can make development more efficient.


Completion of Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or equivalent Google Cloud

Course Outline

Module 1: Developer Efficiency on Google Cloud

  • Developer workflows and efficiency challenges
  • Developer efficiency on Google Cloud
  • AI-powered developer tools on Google Cloud
  • Developer workflows with LLMs

Module 2: Using Duet AI Throughout the Development Lifecycle

  • Introduction to Duet AI
  • Cloud Code and Duet AI
  • Generating and completing code by using Duet AI
  • Understanding logs using Duet AI
  • Lab: Using Duet AI Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Module 3: Prompt Design for Duet AI

  • Why prompt design is important
  • General prompt design tips
  • Prompt design for Duet AI
  • Lab: Prompt Design for Duet AI in Cloud Code

Module 4: Leveraging Codey in Developer Workflows

  • Vertex AI PaLM API
  • Code generation and completion with Codey
  • Vertex AI Studio
  • Using the Codey API in your code
  • Fine-tuning Codey for specific use cases
  • Lab: Leveraging Codey in Your Applications

Module 5: Discovering Model APIs Using Vertex AI Model Garden

  • Vertex AI Model Garden
  • Models types and solutions
  • Model Registry and model deployment
  • Fine-tuning models
  • Lab: Exploring Vertex AI Model Garden