Oracle and SQL Server Databases

Oracle is the dominant database in the marketplace. From its start as the first commercially available relational database, Oracle has branched out and now provides a complete set of informational services. Once the product line is introduced, it quickly becomes a strategic technology for many organizations.

Leveraging the incredible capabilities of the Oracle product line involves training your staff at various levels. From your end users to your business analysts to your application developers and database administrators, every aspect of your business will benefit from ROI Training’s offerings. Our courses are 100% geared towards making your staff more productive.

Crs.#Course Title
262Oracle SQL Tuning: Hands-On
263Oracle PL/SQL Programming
264Advanced SQL Queries for Oracle Databases
265Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming
267Oracle Database: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction
269Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administration and Tuning
281Oracle Database Administration: Hands-On
282Oracle Backup, Recovery, and Tuning
500Microsoft SQL Server Administration
508SQL Essentials
509SQL Query Optimization