UNIX and Linux

An excellent desktop, good user tools that interoperate with Microsoft products, a bullet proof kernel, virtualization, world-class clustering, and support from multiple vendors account for Linux’s growing acceptance in the commercial world. The power of open source computing—fix the problem not submit a ticket—and the substantial cost savings from traditional server solutions make Linux a crowd pleaser among corporate IT strategists. With the power and flexibility, capable of excellent security, graphical user interfaces which lead the industry, and a cost which cannot be beat, Linux is increasing its share of the market by better than 10% each year.

Crs. #Course Title
601Introduction to Linux
603Linux Workstation: Installing, Customizing, and Securing
604Linux Network Server: Installing, Setup, and Securing
608Red Hat Linux Boot Camp
612Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting
613SuSE Linux Troubleshooting
619Introduction to UNIX
620Mastering UNIX