Leading Change in the Cloud Era

(1 day)


This course will help managers to identify ways to increase their adaptability as a leader, identify actions to effectively manage transition and coach others through change, and increase their ability to communicate change to gain commitment.


People managers, leaders and executive sponsors in the process of moving to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) This is a private class intended for a Single Customer, to bring together Key Stakeholders & Project team to work towards a common goal.

Course Outline

The course includes presentations, short exercises, and a group-based workshop.


Module 1: Change in the Cloud Era

  • Cloud Change Journey
  • Customer Story
  • Google Cloud Adoption Framework


Module 2: How People React to Change

  • Understand the psychology of change
  • Evaluate your self-awareness about the impact of change on your team
  • Assess where your team is on the change curve and how you can support them


Module 3: Leading Change in Google Cloud Platform

  • Recognize the most common effects moving to the cloud can have on your team
  • Create a communication plan to lead others and deal with resistance


Module 4: PSO Consulting Services & Next Steps

  • Recognize the PSO Consulting Services available to support your Google Cloud journey