Looker Developer Deep Dive

(2 days)


LookML not only serves as the foundation for visualization assets in Looker, but is also capable of dynamic aggregations, incrementally refreshed persistent derived tables, and more. In this course, you will practice the skills to be an advanced Looker Developer through guided lecture and independent exercises using sample data.

Course Objectives

  • Customize and incrementally refresh SQL and native derived tables
  • Incorporate Liquid for dynamic SQL, formatting, templated filters, and parameters in
  • Use extends and refinements in Looker to modularize and organize your LookML
  • Troubleshoot LookML code and improve performance
  • Apply Looker best practices to your LookML projects
  • Manage Looker deployments using DevOps practices
  • Embed Looker content into web applications


Looker Developers who want to learn how to get the most out of LookML, leveraging features like Liquid, aggregate tables, modular LookML files, Looker DevOps, and embedding their Looker content.


Completion of the Developing Data Models with LookML course or the equivalent experience in using LookML for development in Looker.

Course Outline


Module 1: Looker Admin and LookML Fundamentals

  • Looker Review
  • Roles and User Attributes
  • Connecting to a Database
  • LookML Review
  • Lab: Starter LookML Cleanup

Module 2: Diving Deeper into Derived Tables

  • Understanding Derived Tables
  • Adding Persistence
  • Refreshing Incrementally
  • PDTs and Performance
  • Lab: Extending LookML with PDTs and Aggregate Tables

Module 3: Creating Dynamic LookML with Liquid

  • Core Liquid Concepts and Syntax
  • Custom Links, Drills, and Formatting
  • Templated Filters, Parameters, and Dynamic SQL
  • Lab: Enhancing LookML Flexibility with Liquid

Module 4: Creating Modular LookML

  • Extensions
  • Refinements
  • Manifests and Localization
  • Lab: Modularize your LookML

Module 5: Testing, Debugging, and DevOps

  • Leverage your IDE
  • Debugging and Common Errors
  • Data Tests
  • Looker and DevOps
  • Lab: Testing and Debugging LookML

Module 6: Looker Best Practices

  • Looker Best Practices
  • Improving Performance
  • Lab: Implementing LookML Best Practices

Module 7: Embedded Looker Analytics

  • Explore Embedded Looker Options
  • Using Private and SSO Embedding