Curriculum Dean


Mal is a software engineering consultant with more than 30 years of experience as a project manager and systems analyst in commercial and government information system applications, with a strong background in financial applications.

As the Dean of ROI’s Software Engineering Curriculum, Mal has authored and delivered hundreds of customized courses related to software engineering and project management best practices. Prior to joining ROI, Mal was a staff member, project manager, and principal engineer at MITRE Corp. for over 25 years, helping military and civilian government agencies (U.S. Air Force, NATO, NASA) define requirements for and acquire information systems. Mal is also the author of over 150 articles in the computer trade press, and has contributed to IEEE anthologies. He is a Life Member of IEEE and holds a Software Quality Engineer certification from ASQ.

Mal currently supports ROI Training’s global customer base in the US, UK, and India. Students recognize and appreciate Mal’s sense of humor and unique ability to breakdown and communicate complex topics in a easy to understand way.