Case Study: Customer Success - New Hire Training Program

The Challenge

With the ongoing challenge of attracting the highest quality pool of new talent in the IT organization, our customer embarked on a deliberate strategy to quickly get their college grad hires on track for accomplishment and career growth at the company. Our customer sought to fill gaps in varying proficiency levels of hundreds of annual new hires, meet the range of requirements for technology across the business and in specific roles, and equip recent graduates with the tools and confidence needed to add value. 

In order to truly stand out and attract talent, our customer wanted to provide new hires opportunities to; build a peer network, work on engaging tech solutions while gaining skills, and be coached and mentored throughout the program.

The Solution

Our customer developed a program to accelerate the career paths of recent IT graduates to become best-in-class IT professionals. Participants would be given intensive development on the specific technology, business, and professional skills required to be successful in their role. Upon completion of the program, new hires would be placed in full time technology roles across our customer’s business units. To accomplish this, our customer engaged ROI to collaborate with their leaders to develop and implement this industry recognized best-in-class solution. 

ROI was engaged to create custom curricula, case studies, student skill/qualitative assessments, and embed real-world projects into the program. The training would be challenging, excite participants with responsibility, and interaction, while also providing opportunities to network. The program culminates in a case study presentation to business leaders that provides solutions to the business.

ROI designed and delivered a robust new hire training initiative with customized tracks based on role. This resulted in an immersive and fully scalable development solution that has become iconic in the industry. 

ROI partnered with our customer’s experts to map all training to their specific tech stack and job families. We provided a dedicated team to manage the program, design the curriculum, liaise with instructors, and assess progress. The team instituted reporting and retrospectives to continuously improve and ensure all program requirements are met. 

ROI provides and supports all technology infrastructure. ROI provided a fully secure sandbox environment for program delivery. As the program was expanded to Ireland and India with over 500 associates per year, ROI led day-to-day operations and upheld quality on a global scale.

The Results

ROI partners closely with clients to ensure new hires are well prepared. Participants leave our programs with: 

  • Confidence – graduates are desk-ready, can be plugged into projects and add value right away 
  • Visibility – learners are assessed throughout, receiving personalized feedback and remediations 
  • Connections – we create a collaborative environment, participants gain a supportive network of peers and mentors across the organization 
  • Engagement – investment in their career growth increases job satisfaction and prepares them to move up within the organization 
  • Exposure – learners work with the specific technology stack identified as critical and relevant to their business environment 

Results Exceeding Expectations

  • Achieved remarkable 85% employee retention after 5 years 

  • Winner ATD Excellence in Practice Onboarding Award, 2017

  • Over 2400 New Hire Graduates since 2009

  • Training expanded beyond the US to India and Ireland 

  • Received over 8,000 applications for entry into the 2020 program

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