Voucher Programs

ROI Training’s voucher programs was designed to assist organization leaders in managing current and future IT and Management Training needs. Working with members of your team, ROI will assist with designing a training solution to fit your unique requirements. ROI on-site vouchers have no expiration date. Our team will work with your Learning & Development team to ensure a seamless delivery on every event.


Onsite Vouchers

Onsite Vouchers allow you to plan your training in advance and then manage your training budget over the course of the year. Discounts for Onsite Vouchers are based on your purchase volume and are an excellent way to reduce your organization’s overall training costs. You can use Onsite Vouchers for any ROI course, regardless of length and location. Save time and paperwork by budgeting for training upfront.  You can address all your training needs for the entire year with a single voucher purchase.

Stretch Your Training Budget

Onsite Vouchers provide you with an opportunity to realize a significant discount on training when purchasing credits at higher volumes: the more credits you purchase, the more you save. Onsite Vouchers are valuable for organizations whose needs vary from a single course to a highly customized training curriculum.  By defining training requirements for multiple students, groups or divisions within your organization, you can easily accumulate greater discounts.