Course 797:
Google Cloud Launchpad

Training and Proof of Concept Workshop
(5 days)

Your company’s transition to the cloud is unique, with its own set of opportunities, problems and people.  ROI Training’s Google Cloud Launchpad is completely tailored for your needs. This program begins with training and ends with producing a real product.


  • Identify a proof of concept or project that is suitable for the cloud, provides real value, and is achievable in a short time
  • Assemble a team, and assess their knowledge and skills with regard to Google Cloud
  • Provide the foundational training in Google Cloud to achieve your project goal
  • Architect and plan a system that balances scalability, reliability, security, and cost
  • Implement and deploy a working product


We work closely with you to design a workshop that gets you moving to the cloud quickly. We start by identifying a project that will provide a significant, tangible benefit to your organization. Then, we base our week together around providing your team the knowledge, mentoring, and coaching to accomplish that project goal.


Workshop Schedule

Day 1 and 2 – Training

Based on your project and your people’s experience, we identify and prioritize a set of training topics required. These first two days are all about learning and getting everyone on the team a solid foundation for doing real work.

Day 3 – Architecture and Planning

We spend day three strategizing how best to accomplish our project goal. We consider various architectures and their pros and cons. We design a system that takes optimal advantage of cloud services. The goal is to provide a scalable, secure, reproducible, and cost-effective solution.

Day 4 and 5 – Workshop

We finish the week doing real work.  In the end, we have a product deployed and a template to build on.


Our Team

ROI has a unmatched team of cloud consultants, mentors, and instructors. We have certifications and years of training experience in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. We have experts in big data, machine learning, distributed systems, web development, programming, and most everything else that is IT related.

For the Google Cloud Launchpad, we identify two mentors with the background to best help your team accomplish the goals we identify.