Leadership and Management Skills

Strategic planning, tactical operations management, managing work relationships through motivation, delegation, supervision, team building, and conflict resolution are among the skills needed to effectively manage an organization. These management functions make use of basic components of management: leading, communicating, negotiating, problem solving, and influencing the organization. Courses in our Leadership & Management curriculum are dynamic, thorough, and practical. Students gain insight from hands-on workshops, lectures focused on learning objectives, and classroom discussions. ROI’s management training is applicable to all levels of management.

Crs.#Course Title
139Managerial Leadership
143Delivering Dynamic Presentations
144Time Management
145Advanced Management and Leadership Techniques
153Creating and Managing Successful Teams
155 Effective Business Communications and Negotiations
157Influence Skills
158Creative Problem Solving
159Negotiation Skills
166Interpersonal Communications and Conflict Management Skills
167Dealing with Difficult People on Teams
168Leading Change
169Motivating People
170Cross-Cultural Communications and Listening Skills
171Motivating Matrix Teams
173Conflict Management Skills
176Dynamic Facilitation
188Coaching Foundations for Success