Who We Are
Here are the core values and beliefs that make up ROI Training


First and foremost, our Mission Statement:

ROI delivers customized technology and management training solutions to large corporations and government agencies around the world. At ROI, we strive to provide business professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase work performance and drive greater return on investment for the global customers we support.

What else do we believe value assure ?


We believe in partnership.

We believe ROI has a unique philosophy among training providers: our focus is on servicing a select handful of customers, not hundreds of organizations across the country. This philosophy allows us to hand select your instructor for each and every event we deliver. You no longer have to worry about who’s going to show up to work with your staff; you’ll have ROI’s top resource week after week. We’re also able to manage the delivery of each program every step of the way.


We value customization.

ROI is committed to delivering programs that are tailored or customized to the needs of your organization. Our courses are developed in a modular fashion, which means we can easily create two-, three-, four-, and five-day programs that give you the greatest return on investment for your training dollar. In many instances, we’ll even build customer-specific problems into our exercises. Every minute of every ROI course will be focused on your organization’s unique environment!


We assure the best instructors.

Our world-class instructors are truly experts in their fields, as well as extremely effective trainers. Each instructor has been hand selected by ROI’s Senior Management Team and put through an extensive screening process. Instructors must demonstrate expertise in their field through consulting and project work. They must also have a passion for education. Members of our team have played instrumental roles in assisting the world’s leading organizations in the following areas: technology, financial services, transportation and logistics services, government agencies, government contracting, insurance services, e-Commerce, and legal services.

Our Trophy Cabinet

Industry Recognition


Trainer Recognition

Jeff Davis

2017 Google Trainer
of the Year

Grant Moyle

2018 Google Trainer
of the Year

Steve Lockwood

2019 Google Trainer
of the Year


Patrick Haggerty

2020 Google Trainer
of the Year

Riccardo Mestrone

2021 Google Trainer of the Year—EMEA

Grant Moyle

2021 Google Trainer of the Year—North America

Senior Management Team

Dave Carey

Chief Executive Officer,

Doris Masse

Chief Financial Officer

Grant Moyle

Chief Technology Officer

Arthur Messenger

Director, Customized Learning Solutions

Doug Rehnstrom

Director, Learning Solutions

Kim Fromal

Director, Operations

Laurie Zacharias Harrison

Director, Practice and Program

Mike Prensky

Director, Business Development

John Opiola

Director, Global Programs

Brian Lillis

Director, Global Sales

Merideth Gieseman

Director, Logistics and Travel Services

Christel Silva

Director, Course Development

May Tjong

Director, Learning Solutions EMEA

Mike Sutton

Director, Cloud Education

Jeff Davis

Director, Strategy and Customer Success

Patrick Haggerty

Director, Cloud Learning

Corporate Office Locations
230 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169
50 Station Road, Water Mill, NY 11976
Working with learners all over the world...
ROI is a global training, mentoring, and consulting company with offices and subject-matter experts located around the world. Our hands-on intensive workshops and new hire training programs can be delivered in any global location. We've trained IT professionals and management staff on 6 continents and 30+ countries. With world-class instructors and mentors throughout each continent, our company is equipped to deliver the highest quality training whenever and wherever our clients need us.
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
London, United Kingdom
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Los Angeles, California
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Dublin, Ireland
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Paris, France
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
San Francisco, California
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Sydney, Australia
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Rome, Italy
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Chicago, Illinois
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Tokyo, Japan
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Bangalore, India
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Some of the places we regularly travel to:
Beijing, China
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