Corporate Office Locations

230 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169

50 Station Road, Watermill, NY 11976

ROI is a global training, mentoring, and consulting company with offices and subject-matter experts located around the world. Our hands-on intensive workshops and new hire training programs can be delivered in any global location. In 2018, we trained IT professionals and management staff on 6 continents and 30+ countries. With world-class instructors and mentors throughout each continent, our company is equipped to deliver the best quality training wherever our clients need us. 

New York, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

London, U.K.

Dublin, Ireland

Chicago, Illinois

Los Angeles, California

Edinburgh, Scotland

Mexico City, Mexico

Bangalore, India

Berlin, Germany

Beijing, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

San Francisco, California

Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong, China

Paris, France

Glasgow, Scotland

Rome, Italy